International Barber College

International Barber College is offering a comprehensive core curriculum of new and traditional barbering techniques that are growing in demand popularity. Experienced and licensed instructors/ barbers will teach you how to become a barber and prepare you for the Barber license examination by the State of Arizona. You will learn among other skills to do a Fade, Flat Top, Scissors Cut, Razor Shave,Massage, Hygiene and much more.

A & Z American Haircutters

A & Z American Haircutters started off as a 20 chair barber shop and had been around for 11 years. Our customers love the old fashion techniques and styles being used and suggested we teach and offer others an opportunity to become barbers. We thought it was a great idea and decided to open a barber college. In the beginning we started out with only a few students, and as time passed, the school began to grow with many students interested in the Barbering field. We decided to open a new Barber Shop and expand the Barber College. We now have a 4 chair Barber Shop next door to our 20 chair Barber College.